Tsarevo Resort

At the Foot of Strandzha Mountain

Regina Mare is a luxurious Apart-hotel situated in the southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, on the very beach in the place called Nestinarka, which forms the transition between the natural park Strandzha and the sea resort of Tsarevo..

The Town of Tsarevo

The town of Tsarevo (in Cyrillic Царево, also transliterated as Carevo or Tzarevo) lies on three small peninsulas which form four bays, which make it unique in Bulgaria. The town’s situation reminds the situation of Rio de Janeiro on a smaller scale, with many coves, small beaches and nearby mountains.

The Preserved Nature

The varied relief, the preserved nature, the natural phenomena, the combination between seaside and mountains, the Strandzha natural park, the multitude of protected territories, little explored history and culture, flora and fauna unique in Europe, clear rivers, one-of-a-kind folklore, traditions, music, dances, and cuisine, unique nature, rich history and conserved folkloric traditions combined with the dynamics of the modern town define the image of the furthest southeastern municipality in Bulgaria – the municipality of Tsarevo.

The Mild Climate

The mild climate, similar to the climate of the Mediterranean countries, has been attracting populations since prehistoric times. Therefore, there are numerous traces of human presence and the cultural monuments are extremely varied: from unique Thracian tombs and necropolis dating back to the Bronze Age, through well preserved vestiges of Greek and Roman domination, to basilicas from the early Christianity and the late Middle Ages.

Culture & Folklore

The influence of a multitude of cultures and folklore traditions bursts forth in the warm-blooded music and dance, the picturesque costumes and original traditions that blend together in the unique modern architecture of the small town along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

Something for Еveryone

The municipality of Tsarevo offers opportunities for seaside recreational travel but also for educational, environmental and ethnologic tourism, yachting, rural tourism, photographic exploration, leisure, hunting, angling and dive fishing.