Oasis Beach Club joined the trend and adds value for its customers and guests, by setting up two new parking spots for electric vehicles and a smart eCars IDA with a Level 2/3 contact with 22 kW. This is another new pin on the #VsichkoTok map. This means a new place for charging electric cars in Bulgaria, and above all- in a super cool place!

It is within Oasis Beach Club’s DNA, to offer individual solutions to suit its customers’ taste and needs.

Oasis Beach Club is one of the only first class resorts to become part of the Bulgarian electric charging network with its own stylish solution – proof that the charging stations may look fresh and attractive.

The charging of the new Level 2/3 station, located right next to the entrance of the complex, is free of charge for all resorts’ guests!

The charger works with an RFID card. Pass by our reception desk and see how easy it is done!